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15 February 2015

Cold Weather & Snow Survival Tips from Survival Expert John Wiseman

Make this natural antibiotic formula at home to treat any infection

25 January 2015

Locating lost moggies by Cat Nav! Psychic claims he can reunite owners with lost pets using just a pendulum and photo

Plantain, a common driveway weed, is one of nature's most powerful medicines

11 January 2015

The Case of Taranjit Singh by Jupinderjit Singh

This article first appeared in the Indian Tribune on 22 September 2002, under the heading 'Can Science Uphold the Belief in Rebirth?' It documents what appears to be a reasonably strong case of spontaneous and verifiable past-life recall by a child. This independently adds to the evidence for this phenomenon that comes primarily from research at the University of Virginia, which is covered in depth in chapter 2 of The Big Book of the Soul by Ian Lawton.

Unlocking the secrets of the Stonehenge landscape

The National Trust

21 December 2014

Six Ideas for the New Year

LOCATING SITES BY MAP DOWSING  Reprinted from the Treasure Hunting Magazine July 1981  

7 December 2014

How to Keep your emails and your Internet browsing Private

Can a pendulum decide your career and find your lost car? A history of dowsing, or 'water witching'

23 November 2014


An interesting story this week from the USA on witching, which is what they call dowsing in the States. It’s an interesting story of how the technique has been passed down the generations for practical applications which not only includes finding water but in this case, finding lost arrows from a cross bow on a farm without much effort at all! …….

What to do if you catch a cold or the flu - with homemade tonic recipe

9 November 2014


If you’re current knowledge and experience is mainly gained through mainstream education and media your perception of what is possible may be limited due to your current experience and understanding. It is therefore understandable that many people may reject information because it comes from beyond their understanding of what is possible.  I am sure readers of this newsletter do not fall in to that category!   I therefore, bring to your attention the little known book Solar Energy and Dowsing which documents how farmers increased the soil temperature in the winter in order to get their crops to market early. ……….

Top 3 safest ways to get rid of a cold or flu quickly

26 October 2014

This week I have the article from The Plymouth Herald on Ghostly goings on at the Minerva which I have included because they use dowsing to help them with their research in addition to their scientific instruments. I have noticed that ghost hunter type programs are becoming popular on television again. …….….

The Plymouth Herald

Ghostly goings on at the Minerva

Book Review: The Story of Light
By Hannah Spencer

New CSIRO head wants to help farmers find water (by dowsing)

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