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This one day special course will show you how to use dowsing as a tool of intent to give you the ability to beneficially affect your lives and the lives of others. The course will show how to manage energy in such a way as to benefit those to whom or which you direct it. You do not require complete information to solve a problem. All things are composed of energy , including our thoughts, future events are composed of thoughts not yet materialised. There are many probable futures and we have the ability to choose the best one. Using the dowsing methods taught on this course we can change the energy around us and thereby change our future and learn how to protect your self.

The course covers the techniques taught  and adapted from Theta Healing,  Raymon Grace,  Joey Korn and Sigil Magic No previous knowledge of dowsing is required students would ideally benefit by having a basic knowledge of dowsing or have attended the Dowsing for Beginners course. An introduction to pendulum dowsing is included in this course.

Your tutor Paul Craddock’s experience includes former Chairman of Wessex Dowsers and South Coast Dowsers, a qualified adult education tutor, a British Society of Dowsers registered tutor with a total of 35 years dowsing experience and former Editor of the British Society of Dowsers Earth Energies Group Newsletter.

Lessons include:

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