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British Society of Dowsers Approved course (EE1)

For those of you who have attended a Dowsing or Beginners course or have some experience of dowsing. If you have no pervious experience of dowsing we can arrange some free online tuition before you arrive at Avebury.

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This is a British Society of Dowsers approved course. A certificate will be awarded on completion enabling you to enrol on further approved  courses.

The course will run over a weekend covering most aspects of dowsing for Earth Energies. Your tutor Paul Craddock’s CV includes chairman of Wessex Dowsers, & South Coast Dowsers, geopathic stress consultant, over 20 years experience dowsing and researching Earth Energies, a qualified adult education tutor, a British Society of Dowsers registered tutor with a total of 35 years dowsing experience and past editor of the British Society of Dowsers Earth Energies Group Newsletter.


Practical on site tuition at the largest and most impressive ancient monument site in the UK. Experience and learn to dowse the truly amazing powerful Earth Energies.

· Different types of energy lines and how to dowse them

· The nature and properties of energy currents

· The energy Ley Line system and how it works

· How to use the power of Earth Energies for your health

· How to dowse the different features of Earth Energies

· The nature, uses and properties of Earth Energies

· Dowsing devices to dowse Earth Energies

· Standing stones, stone circles and sacred sites

· And much, much more!

Avebury Stone Monuments & Earth Energies by tutor, Paul Craddock

The Avebury Stone Monuments are in my opinion the most impressive ancient site in England. Consisting of a large stone circle with two smaller circles within it with remains of two stone avenues leading in. Close by can be found Silbury Hill, The Sanctuary and West Kennet Long Barrow. And that’s just what you can see; there is of course something else to be found at Avebury, something that nearly every visitor will miss, what is it? Well the powerful Earth Energies of course!

Whether the ancients simply marked out where they were or they followed later is open to debate, I personally think it is a bit of both, the energies have certainly been engineered in some way by the huge stones and the henge. How do we detect these energies? This is where your dowsing skills come in, but there is no need to rely on dowsing alone because as you become attuned to the site and this may happen through your dowsing, it is often possible to physically feel the energies. This may be by noticing a hot then cold feeling on your hand as you run it over the energy bands of a stone, a feeling of heat in your feet, a tingling sensation or being thrown off a stone.

I have personally experienced all of the above sensations, on one trip whilst leading a group down West Kennet Avenue, the energies were more powerful than normal and we found our legs and feet getting hot as we walked down the avenue. By the time we arrived at the end of the avenue we all had headaches making it necessary to earth ourselves on a wire fence. West Kennet Avenue marks the course of the powerful Michael current documented by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst in their book the Sun and the Serpent.

I mentioned being thrown off a stone, there can be seven bands of energy on a standing stone, if the 5th band can be dowsed and one leans against it slightly off balance, arms extended it can be possible to feel a sensation of being thrown off and around, this is quite noticeable on a particular stone on the henge.

There are different types of Earth energies to experience and dowse at Avebury, probably the best known are the Michael and Mary currents, which are the male and female currents travelling east/west across the country through Avebury then of course, energy lines often referred to as Ley Lines. It is interesting to see the effects when the male and female cross over. Of course, with the huge banks and stones, a great deal of ancient Earth energy engineering as clearly taken place. I could spend a month dowsing there and still only have scratched the surface! There were originally over 200 stones visible and even though many have been re-erected many remain buried. Dowsing would no doubt help find them.

Avebury is of course not isolated from the other ancient’s sites nearby, it is clear to see how they are energetically linked such as the Sanctuary and West Kennet Avenue leading into Avebury. The surrounding country side has been the centre of the crop circle phenomenon for many years, I shall never forget dowsing in a crop pattern in the shape of a bar magnet aligned north south with the corn intervened many times and not broken with the north dowsing male and the south dowsing female. The energies were so strong that my brother who has never dowsed in his life was able to detect the energies with his rods immediately!


At Avebury Stone Monuments & Social centre

Venue: Avebury Social Centre, Avebury, Stone monuments, Wiltshire

B&B accommodation available in and around Avebury Village.

Date: Sat / Sunday



The Following Pictures  were taken at Avebury by an The Oldfield Filter which splits light into different frequency components.  This shows the amazing Earth Energies present which you will learn about on the course.

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